Our Services; Fisheries and Environmental Consulting

Fish Habitat Assessments

Habitat information is collected to assist with permits; AHPP's and DFO reviews.

Outside performs fish habitat assessments on various types of waterbodies where project work will be required in and near the water.  Assessment work focuses on addressing provincial and federal permitting requirements.   Adequate knowledge of the site environment can assist in designing and implementing a project that will be lower risk to the aquatic environment. It can also assist in ensuring government agencies understand the work to be done, and allow them to more accurately assess the risk your project may pose to the aquatic environment. 

Construction Monitoring

Water Quality or Turbidity monitoring on a construction site.  Often required as part a permit condition.

Outside Environmental Consulting performs third party environmental (construction) monitoring on construction projects in Saskatchewan.  Monitoring includes working with construction crews during in- and near-water work to confirm compliance with provincial and federal permits and approval conditions. This can include performing water quality (turbidity) monitoring during in-water work where fish and fish habitat have been identified as potentially at risk during specific construction phases.  Key to the success of these projects is the working relationship Outside develops with the project owner and the construction companies performing the work. Construction Monitoring is sometimes a permit requirement.

Fish Sampling / Fish Salvage

Fish sampling to confirm what fish may use the project area.

Outside performs fish presence sampling to confirm the species and / or life stage of fish present in a given water body (helpful when designing culvert crossings or determining allowable construction timing windows).  We also perform fish-outs or fish salvages (removals) from isolated construction areas prior to in-water construction work.  On relatively small construction sites, fish salvage work can take less than half a day...

Mitigation Planning for Projects Near Water

With appropriate construction mitigation, bridges are often considered low risk by environmental regulators.

Outside Environmental assists contractors and project owners in developing project specific mitigation to reduce, and often eliminate, risk to the aquatic environment.  From large scale road reclamation and shoreline clean up projects to small cabin shorelines, planning to reduce impacts and to use relevant environmental mitigations will protect fish and fish habitat, and also make the permitting process easier to navigate.

Riparian Planting and Bank Stabilization

Willow staking and stream-bank stabilization.

Outside works with Watershed groups, project owners, and land owners to consider low impact options when working on shorelines and river banks.  When it comes to bank stabilization, there may be low impact options that look natural, and work great. In locations where there is no infrastructure at immediate risk, it may make sense to consider a bio-engineering approach to bank stabilization.  This can be as simple as using rock and willow to re-establish an eroding bank.

Our Services; Fisheries, Environmental Consulting, Construction Monitoring

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) certification training in Saskatchewan.

Outside offers CSA approved ATV and UTV training in Saskatchewan. atv training