Fish Salvage

Fish and construction sites

Fish salvage in an isolated area

Once a site is isolated from flowing water (or the main part of a lake), fish are captured from the work area and released to the lake or downstream area.

Isolation on streams

Blocking nets and site isolation

Before your work starts, the in-water work area is isolated from upstream and downstream fish habitat using nets.  Fish are removed from within the work area and released downstream of the nets. 

Timing can be important

winter fish salvage

While not ideal, sometimes work must occur in winter. Fish may still be in the area, and you may still be required to relocate them before in-water work starts.  Be aware of acceptable in-water work windows for your area.

Site isolation and fish removal are often a permit requirement


 Both Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Water Security Agency (WSA) may require fish to be relocated away from a work area before construction starts. 

Not all fish are game fish

Quillback captured and released

A Scientific Collection permit is typically required to handle or relocate any fish away from your project.


Sauger captured and released as part of a fish salvage program